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We are committed to a High Standard
of Excellence in all that we do.
Our Goal is to Establish a relationship of Mutual Trust & Service with each Client.

Purchasing a foreclosure, is complicated & requires expertise or at least some
assistance & representation by a Broker that is familiar with the pit falls & obligations
Bidding blind is disastrous and only leads to heartache and disappointment.  
SIR can assist you through the process as a Buyer or Bidding Agent,.

Most "GOOD DEALS" come about because of a "LACK OF TIME"  especially in High
demand areas like ours, where there are always several buyers for a priced right home.

When an offer is made on a foreclosure, there is usually more then one party to contend with:
The Sheriff, Occupant, Attorney, Primary Mortgage Co, and other Liens or Mortgage Companies. 
SIR is a specialist in negotiating a discounted payoffs on outstanding liens & obligations. 
This insures, you a free & clear property and a salable commodity once you put out your money. 

BE FOREWARNED & PREPARED This takes time, from Days to Months 
If it gets complicated, you must be in a position to wait.
This is the reason most consumers cannot purchase distressed property.
They do not have CASH IN HAND then wait for an undetermined time to take possession.

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Unlimited Time is Not an Option.
It's Auctioned off to the Highest Bidder,  Occupants are evicted by the Sheriff.
SIR attends Auctions to obtain Bid information for Owners and Investors.
A Homeowner that is Foreclosed on all the way, may have trouble even renting afterwards
SIR offers several alternatives and Custom solutions to fit each individuals situation. 
SIR has assisted thousands of folks in saving their homes or arranged a Fast, Cash Sale.

Foreclosures have sky rocketed during our recent
Economic Condition. Good folks get in trouble during  hard times, we understand and we work
to get them through the Crisis. 

Most solutions consist of: Re-financing a property,
Selling for All Cash, Renegotiating with the Lender
or Listing it, (Time Permitting) for Top Dollar.