Getting Pre-Qualified

An important step to finding the right home, is being prepared to buy
When you make an offer, the seller wants to know that you are in a
position to close the sale (QUALIFIED TO BUY) especially if they are
considering a lower then asking price.

SIR Agents are trained to review your resources and zero in on the
right price range for you. (A NO COST, NO OBLIGATION SERVICE)
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  Our Primary Objectives:
  * Be Honest & Fair in all our Dealings.
  * Be interested in the Clients problem
  * Treat Clients' needs as if our own
  * Maintain Privacy & Confidentiality
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SOLD Your Existing Home?
It is best to have a purchaser on your existing home before you begin
a serious search for a new one.  It can costs Thousands by going 
about this in reverse.  If you find your Dream home, (and you very
well could) The seller is not going to take your offer serious if your
home is not sold.  It will effect the price.  Likewise you may be
tempted to under sell your home just to get your new find, before
you lose it.  SIR can show you how to avoid this.

       Call SIR for a Market Analysis on your present home.

What's My Payment?
A General rule of thumb for a Monthly Payment today is $6.00 per Thousand for a 30 year
fixed mortgage.   There are numerous forms of financing available, Lenders are competing for
Good Loans. New Creative forms of Mortgages are hitting the market daily.
Stick with local Lenders, especially if you have an account with them

Best, Economical loans are available with 20% Down, anything less puts you in a different
category with a Higher Payment & Higher Closing cost.  Do not pass up a home today in an
attempt to save up a larger Down Payment.  You can't save faster then the market will rise. 
Buy now & refi later as it goes up in value, soon you will qualify for 20% ratio via inflation.

SIR can analyze your situation and recommend the best avenue for you to pursue.
MEMBER:  MLS Multi List Service

Quik Loan
Get Pre-Approved

Know the value of
your present Home.